Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Ending Explained: Do Himuro and Fuyutsuki end up together?

ice guy and his cool female colleague

Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague anime is about Himuro, who is a supernatural office worker. He unintentionally creates an arctic environment whenever he concentrates deeply. Despite his icy powers, he is a warm-hearted person who likes flowers and cats but cannot get too close to them.

He has feelings for his colleague, Fuyutsuki, who often helps him with his unconventional problems. However, he fails to express his emotions to her, causing a snowstorm in the office. Nonetheless, he is determined to win her heart at any cost.

Plot Summary

Fuyutsuki, a human woman, meets Himuro, a descendant of the Snow Woman spirit whose feet are frozen in ice because of his fear of starting a new job. They both end up working at the same company, along with Saejima, a human, and Komori, a descendant of the Fox spirit.

Himuro develops a crush on Fuyutsuki, who learns about his love for flowers and cats, but his powers freeze them. She gives him straw packaging and her cats’ whiskers to protect them. Himuro falls in love with Fuyutsuki and accidentally creates a snowstorm in the office, but Fuyutsuki seems oblivious.

The company plans a trip to Okinawa, but Himuro is hesitant to go. He worries his excitement will cause a snowstorm during their trip, but Fuyutsuki helps him practice controlling his powers with a surf drum. However, Himuro still causes a storm at the beach, when he finds Fuyutsuki cute.

Fuyutsuki soon discovers that Himuro hates hot weather and that he physically shrinks when he melts. She buys him an ice cream to make him cold again and finds his child form adorable. During a fireworks photoshoot, Fuyutsuki takes a photo of Himuro, who has turned into a child but keeps it a secret.

Himuro and Fuyutsuki are upset after learning that they might be transferred to different departments. But they are relieved when they end up in the same office along with Saejima and Komori. Himuro asks Fuyutsuki out to dinner to show his gratitude.

The date ends awkwardly, and the next day, Himuro learns that Fuyutsuki likes him but knows nothing about him. They exchange phone numbers, and Fuyutsuki starts sending pictures of her cat. Fuyutsuki uses a photo of Himuro as her phone background but hides this from him.

Himuro meets Katori, a man he knows who is descended from a spirit. Katori turns out to be the descendant of a phoenix and has recently been hired as a salesman. Fuyutsuki invites Himuro to a cat-themed children’s movie, and they both eagerly anticipate it, wondering if it’s a date.

However, Saejima and Katori are also at the cinema, watching a different movie. During the film, Fuyutsuki cries, and Himuro wonders what made her cry, but he keeps it a secret. The next day, Himuro and Fuyutsuki are alone in the office and decide to play games to pass the time, causing a snowstorm in the office.

Meanwhile, Saejima and Komori have dinner with Katori and his manager, Otonashi, and they speculate that Himuro and Fuyutsuki are secretly dating. Their friends are curious about what happened between Himuro and Fuyutsuki during their late nights at the office.

In a competition for two collectible kitten plates, Himuro realizes he won’t collect enough points, and Fuyutsuki gives him her points, resulting in both of them taking one plate each.

Komori can make her ears and tail pop out, and Saejima finds them cute, causing Komori to develop a crush on him. Katori fears he has upset Otonashi with his childish love confessions but is relieved when Otonashi is not angry and reveals to Himuro that he loves Otonashi.

Fuyutsuki suggests that Katori should find a more serious way to confess and practice with him. Jealous of Katori, Himuro freezes him on ice. Later, the boss, who is a descendant of Buddha, gives Himuro two tickets to a cat-themed amusement park unexpectedly.

Fuyutsuki and Himuro plan a date at a park, but a snowstorm appears. Himuro gets help from Komori, but Fuyutsuki invites Komori as well, not realizing it’s meant to be a romantic date. Himuro feels down because it’s now a double date. At the park, Fuyutsuki and Himuro help a lost child.

Komori and Saejima leave them alone, hoping they’ll have a real date. Fuyutsuki and Himuro spent the whole day together, having dinner, and witnessing several snowstorms. They buy matching coffee mugs at a souvenir shop, and Himuro almost confesses his love, but Komori and Saejima interrupt. Later, they watch a parade and fireworks before taking the train home. Himuro falls asleep, and Fuyutsuki watches him. Both realize they have matching coffee mugs, which makes them feel sentimental.

Fuyutsuki wants to try a Halloween-themed iced coffee, and Himuro buys four so Fuyutsuki can share it with Saejima and Komori. However, Fuyutsuki also buys four for Himuro to try, and they all end up sharing with Katori’s group.

The company president plans a Halloween party with a prize of 100,000 yen for the best group costume. Fuyutsuki is disappointed that the pumpkin costumes are sold out but finds high-end vampire costumes with Himuro’s help.

On the night of the party, Fuyutsuki is delayed by work, and Katori forgets their costumes, so they make Egyptian mummy costumes from paper. Fuyutsuki plays a prank on Himuro with fake blood, causing him to freeze himself solid.

Fuyutsuki is flustered by how good Himuro looks in his costume, and they remain awkward throughout the party. Katori and Otonashi win the prize and share it with Fuyutsuki’s group by treating them to an expensive dinner. After the party, Himuro walks Fuyutsuki home in their costumes.

As Christmas approaches, Himuro buys snowflake earrings for Fuyutsuki but later feels hesitant to give them, as he considers them too personal for coworkers. Komori wins a ski trip and invites Himuro, Fuyutsuki, and Saejima. Himuro is excited to teach Fuyutsuki skiing, but soon realizes he doesn’t know how to teach it as he is naturally good at it.

Komori teaches Fuyutsuki instead, making Himuro feel depressed. Upon reaching the ski lodge, Himuro introduces his little sister, Yukimi, who works part-time at the lodge. She is a model and internet celebrity. Himuro and Yukimi argue constantly, revealing the short tempers of Snow Woman’s descendants.

Fuyutsuki is charmed by Yukimi and realizes Himuro’s behavior toward his family. Himuro gives Fuyutsuki a kitten blanket instead of the earrings and hopes to take her skiing again. In the end, Himuro thanks Yukimi for her help.

Severe rain cancels the trains, so the ladies share a hotel room while the men sleep at Katori’s apartment nearby. Fuyutsuki confesses to never being in love, which amuses her friends as they know she loves Himuro. Himuro overhears Fuyutsuki’s birthday plans and tries to give her the earrings at work, but is constantly interrupted.

On their walk home, Himuro accidentally freezes the river and trees, impressing Fuyutsuki, and finally giving her the earrings. Fuyutsuki loves them and wears them to dinner with her parents. Meanwhile, Himuro practices his love confession alone.

Himuro plans to rescue a stray cat, but Fuyutsuki discovers it’s a lost pet, so they return it. Fuyutsuki cheers Himuro up by inviting him to her apartment, at the weekend to spend time with her cat, Nyamero, where he sees her happy aura. Yukimi interrupts their moment, but Fuyutsuki invites Himuro to her home next time. They both later meet at the train station with suitcases.

Himuro and Fuyutsuki go on a business trip, and after a long day of work, Himuro turns into a child due to a fever. Fuyutsuki takes care of him, and they share a room. They have a moment when Himuro collapses on top of her on the bed, but the moment passes when their boss calls them.

Himuro works through the night, feeling guilty for ruining the trip. They reminisce about their past year of friendship and attend a cherry blossom party upon returning to the office.


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