MILGRAM Anime Where to watch, Characters, and Other details

milgram anime

MILGRAM anime is an immersive multimedia experience where music meets storytelling, created by DECO*27 and Takuya Yamanaka. The story revolves around a mysterious prison with ten prisoners. You see MILGRAM through the eyes of Es, a prison guard, who wakes up in the MILGRAM facility to find Jackalope, a strange talking rabbit.

Es must dive into the minds of 10 detainees, every one of them detained for causing the death in some way or another. You will need to learn the truth about the crimes committed by the prisoners and decide whether or not they should be forgiven. MILGRAM has three thought-provoking trials, each featuring a song for every prisoner that hints at their crimes.

You can vote for prisoners once per day on the official website or MILGRAM Portal app following the release of their songs. Your vote has the power to alter the songs and placement of inmates in the next trial, adding to the intrigue and unpredictability of MILGRAM.

Where to watch MILGRAM Anime?

The MILGRAM anime series is available for viewing on either the official website or YouTube platform. Each of the 10 characters featured in the story is showcased in their own unique trial music video. In the first episode, Jackalope introduces “This is the MILGRAM“, revealing how to participate in the voting process.

Each prisoner’s sins are woven into the fabric of the MILGRAM songs, shaping a melody that illuminates the truth of their actions. As you listen, you must delve into the reasons behind their sins and decide whether they are guilty or innocent. Are you ready to explore the depths of MILGRAM’s mysterious prison and cast your vote?


There are a total of 12 characters: two guards and ten prisoners.

  • Es
  • Jackalope
  • Sakurai Haruka
  • Kashiki Yuno
  • Kajiyama Fuuta
  • Kusunoki Muu
  • Kirisaki Shidou
  • Shiina Mahiru
  • Mukuhara Kazui
  • Momose Amane
  • Kayano Mikoto
  • Yuzuriha Kotoko


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