Sasaki and Miyano Anime Review: Lighthearted BL romance

Sasaki and Miyano Anim

If you are someone who enjoys the Yaoi genre with a delinquent who is head-over-heels for a shy sweet guy, Sasaki and Miyano are right up your alley. It is a heartwarming anime that explores themes of romance, slice-of-life, and comedy. The story revolves around two high school boys, Miyano and Sasaki, who become friends through their shared interest in boys’ love manga.

Miyano is a shy and sensitive boy who enjoys reading this genre of manga, while Sasaki is a delinquent who is intrigued by Miyano’s interest in it. As they spend more time together, their relationship evolves into one from admiration to one of genuine affection. The anime takes a lighthearted approach to the romance between the two main characters, showcasing their adorable and awkward moments as they navigate their feelings for each other.

The slice-of-life elements are equally enjoyable, as we see Miyano struggle with his identity as a fudanshi and Sasaki deal with his delinquent reputation. What sets apart “Sasaki and Miyano” is its light-hearted and fun tone. Despite dealing with complex themes like sexuality, societal expectations, and personal insecurities, the anime manages to keep things relatively lighthearted and enjoyable throughout.

Great balance of humor and heart

What’s great about the characters is that they all have their own unique personalities and quirks, making them feel like real people rather than just stock anime characters. This makes it easy for viewers to connect with them and become invested in their individual journeys as well as their relationships as a whole.

The humor in “Sasaki and Miyano” comes in many forms, from witty banter between the characters to their friends and classmates making fun of them every now and then. It never feels forced or out of place, which is a testament to strong writing and direction. One of the main sources of humor in the anime comes from the interactions between Miyano and Sasaki.

Miyano’s shy and easily flustered personality provides a great foil for Sasaki’s outgoing and sometimes brash nature, leading to many funny and endearing moments between the two characters. The comedic situations they find themselves in are often relatable and grounded in reality, making them all the more enjoyable to watch. Beyond the interactions between the main characters, “Sasaki and Miyano” also uses humor to poke fun at the Boys’ Love genre and its tropes.

Negatives are relatively minor

The anime doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s clear that the writers and creators are having fun with the material. The last episode of the anime definitely stands out from among the rest, since it finally gives us the closure that we needed. Up until this point, Miyano had been struggling to come to terms with his feelings for Sasaki while Sasaki had been unsure of Miyano’s intentions.

The episode does an excellent job of conveying the uncertainty and nervousness associated with loving someone. While “Sasaki and Miyano” is a well-written and enjoyable anime, it’s important to note that it does have a limited scope. The anime focuses primarily on the relationship between Miyano and Sasaki and doesn’t delve too deeply into some of the other characters or plotlines. For example, while we get to know Miyano’s family and friends to some extent, they aren’t as fully developed as the main characters.

The same can be said for some of the secondary plotlines, which feel rushed or underdeveloped in comparison to the main story. That being said, these negatives are relatively minor and do not detract too much from the overall enjoyment of the anime. “Sasaki and Miyano” is a well-crafted Boys’ Love anime with great humor, relatable characters, and a heartwarming story that is definitely worth checking out for fujoshi and fudanshis alike.


Sasaki and Miyano anime is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Its exploration of themes like romance, slice-of-life, and comedy is masterfully executed, making it an enjoyable and heartwarming watch for fans of the Yaoi genre.

Rating– 3/5


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